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The Education Cluster Strategic Plan  is the main reference that will guide the Education Cluster’s activities during the period 2015 to 2020. Its principal purpose is to provide primary direction in support of the generation of the Education Cluster’s annual work plans. For additional information on the Strategic Plan and annual work plan, please visit the What We Do section.

The Global Education Cluster forms an open global platform that brings NGOs, UN agencies and other international partners together who are committed to work together to strengthen coordination of education in emergencies globally.

The 2015-2019 strategic plan proposes a new membership model with two level of engagement from partners:

1. Education Cluster Global Partners (ECGP): this group is made up of representatives of humanitarian agencies involved in the delivery of emergency education services or support of education in emergencies technical policies and guidance. The group has 3 main responsibilities:

  • Work with the ECU to produce and agree on the annual work plan and budget, to select the type and volume of products that will be delivered.
  • Be ready to commit dedicated resources (staff, products or funding) to the implementation of the Education Cluster work plan.
  • Ensure that the agency represented is part of the Education Cluster country coordination mechanism for activities covered by the Education Cluster services in any country where the agency is present.

2. Education Cluster Associates (ECA): this group is made up of agencies that support the delivery of education services or associated activities at a country level, either directly or indirectly. They are classed as associates either because the work of the Education Cluster has mostly indirect influence on the agency’s core activities, or the agency wishes to take into account what the Education Cluster does but not work directly with the cluster coordination mechanisms.

New ways of working will include Education Cluster Unit organised monthly calls with global partners to discuss work plan progress and ensure activities are on track, with fous on support to country clusters. Calls will take place at 3pm Geneva time on the 3rd Thursday of every month (unless this is a public holiday). Please check the Education Cluster Calendar for the date and time of the next call.

Global partners meet once a year at a Global Education Cluster Meeting that involves Cluster Coordinators and partners from the field as well as the ECU staff.

Throughout the year, global partners work to drive forward the work outlined in the Cluster’s Strategic Plan and share experiences from the field to shape future projects. The collaborative work undertaken by partners at the global level mirrors the work done at the country level by Country Clusters, and many of the strong inter-agency relationships are reinforced through this parallel global and field-level coordination.

The current Education Cluster global partnership:

If you are interested in knowing more about partnership requirements or have other questions about the group please get in touch through the Contact and Support section.


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