Watchlist Countries

CountryCluster StatusCountry Cluster Website
Central African RepublicActive Cluster
Ebola crisis1 Active Cluster (Liberia) and 2 Working Groups (Guinea, Sierra Leone)
IraqActive Cluster
South SudanActive Cluster
Syria1 Active Cluster (Southern Turkey) and 1 Active Working Group (Syria)

Education Clusters function very differently from country to country. Some Clusters operate at a low level of activity and have adequate capacity to fulfil their responsibilities; others are under pressure to scale-up or oversee complex coordination processes and find their capacity over-stretched.  For a small group of countries at the extreme end of this latter group, more global support is needed.

Maintaining a rolling watch list of countries provides a way for the Education Cluster Unit (ECU), the Global Co-Lead Agencies and the Education Cluster Working Group (ECWG) to identify and assist those countries in need of additional support.

The three main criteria used by the Global Education Cluster to identify potential Watch List countries :

  • Large-scale (Level 3) or particularly complex operations.
  • Countries that are rated high priority with increased preparedness/response required by the IASC Early Warning/Early Action Report, or other indicators of impending crisis.
  • Countries where there is an acute crisis, or sudden escalation of an ongoing crisis, that requires a concerted humanitarian response and recovery effort.  Likely triggers might include a newly activated Education Cluster or the launch of a Flash Appeal within the last year.

Beyond these criteria, regional UNICEF Advisors and Save the Children Focal Points for specific countries suggest additional/different watch list countries for consideration.

Countries typically remain on the watch list for a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year. The watch list is reviewed on a quarterly basis, but may also be updated more regularly in reaction to a sudden onset emergency or other unexpected change in a country.

Watchlist country cluster staff communicate regularly with global staff. Watchlist countries receive remote technical guidance and are prioritized for additional staff deployments including Rapid Response Team support and consultant visits to provide surge capacity for specific tasks.

Current Watchlist countries are listed below. Click on the country name to get more information about the emergency context and Education Cluster work and contacts.


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