ECU Deployment to Sierra Leone

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Sigbjorn Ljung

On February 17th Sigbjorn Ljung from the Global Education Cluster, was deployed for a 6-week assignment in Freetown, where he will be providing Information Management support. Schools have remained closed throughout the emergency response but with the declining levels of new cases, the government is keen to see children back in school. In Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) has presented plans for reopening schools in a safe and responsible manner. The most critical priority is making sure schools have the necessary measures in place to mitigate against any further outbreak of the virus and a key component of this will be to effectively manage information related to the impact of the crisis on the education sector. Together with the education team Sigbjorn will be supporting the Education Task Force with needs assessment, data analysis and monitoring the safe reopening of schools.

ECU Deployment to Sierra Leone

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