L3 Preparedness Workshop

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Date: 20-23 April 2015
Location: Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

This workshop simulation on L3 readiness serves 3 purposes:

1)      To get those involved in recent L3s together to consider issues, best practice and ways of working, hopefully an outcome will be recommendations for what to do and not to do in the future.

2)      Train a group of folk in the TA protocols around L3 emergencies and ensure all clusters and UN OCHA are on the same page with the way things should work.  The idea is then for the participants to feed this into cluster capacity development plans.

3)      As a pilot to look towards having workshop event that could be repeated as a multi-cluster initiative to strengthen L3 readiness and train a core group of staff across all clusters.

The workshop is being support by the Swiss governement and facilitated by OCHA and the Global Cluster Coordinators Group (GCCG).

L3 Preparedness Workshop
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