Magpi Mobile Data Collection Lessons Learned: Mali Education Cluster

February 26, 2015

In August 2014 the Mali Education Cluster conducted a sector needs assessment in Mali’s Kidal region. In preparation for the assessment the Cluster Coordinator in Bamako trained national NGO partners in assessment methodology, and use of the Magpi mobile data collection platform. NGO CarteONG, via NOMAD, provided remote technical support to the Mali Education Cluster in all phases of the evaluation (creation and testing of questionnaires on Magpi platform, development of Magpi training materials, data analysis).

This document Magpi Mobile Data Collection Lessons Learned compiles lessons learned from the Mali Education Cluster.


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  1. Just an update to note that since this document was published Magpi has added many new capabilities, including cascading multiple choice, photos, interactive SMS data collection, and extensive data visualization tools. Check them out, along with many case studies, at

  2. Lisa Sabot-Schmid says:

    Many thanks for the update Joel, very useful.

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