NEW! Guide to EiE Needs Assessment and Needs Assessment Package

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The Global Education Cluster is pleased to share the new Guide to Education in Emergencies Needs Assessment. The Guide is an accompaniment to and provides a theoretical foundation for the Needs Assessment Package contained within the Education Cluster Toolkit. The Guide and the Needs Assessment Package are intended to be an update of the 2010 Short Guide to Rapid Joint Education Needs Assessments and Joint Education Needs Assessment Toolkit, respectively.

The purpose of the Guide and Needs Assessment Package is to provide practical, relevant guidance and resources to EiE coordination staff conducting, coordinating and participating in secondary data reviews and joint, harmonized and/or multi-sector needs assessments. The Guide will be helpful wherever stakeholders working in education are seeking to gain an understanding of the impact of a crisis of any kind on the functionality of the education system. Although the Guide is focused on education needs assessments where multiple partners are working together, the principles and guidance are also applicable to single agency education assessments.

Should you have any questions on this Guide or any other needs assessments related queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Global Education Cluster Helpdesk.

NEW! Guide to EiE Needs Assessment and Needs Assessment Package

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    Links to this package are broken. Can you please restore

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