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What is the Education Cluster?

The Education Cluster is an open formal forum for coordination and collaboration on education in emergencies. The Education Cluster brings together NGOs, UN agencies, academics, and other partners under the shared goal of ensuring predictable, well coordinated and equitable provision of education for populations affected by humanitarian crises.

At the global level, work is focused on providing operational support to country clusters, building response capacity and developing and implementing standards and policies. The Global Education Cluster also represents the education sector in the global humanitarian arena and other relevant fora. The Education Cluster is the only global cluster co-led by a UN agency and an international nongovernmental organization (INGO): UNICEF and Save the Children.

To find more information on Education Clusters at the country level, please see the Countries section.

To download the Global Education Cluster 2015-2019 Strategic Plan click here.

To download the Education Cluster Strategic Plan 2011-2014 Report click here.

Who are the  Education Cluster Global Partners and Associates?

Education Cluster Global Partners (ECGP) and Associates (ECA) is a group of made up of representatives of humanitarian agencies directly or indirectly involved in the delivery of emergency education services or support of of education in emergency technical policies and guidances.

The global partners meet once a year at a Global Education Cluster Meeting (see Events) that involves cluster coordinators and partners from the field as well as ECGP/ECA and the ECU staff.

The global partners work together throughout the year on a number of areas, in particular field support, strengthening the framework and capacity building, and advocacy. When working on specific projects, global partners and ECU staff form Technical Working Groups (TWG).

For more information about the membership model under the 2015-2019 strategic plan, please visit the Education Cluster Global Partners section.

What is the Education Cluster Unit (ECU)?

Leadership of the Education Cluster is operationalized through the Education Cluster Unit, which is staffed by both Save the Children and UNICEF. The ECU facilitates the work for the Education Cluster Working Group and directly supports country level Education Clusters.

To meet the ECU staff and learn more about their work and how to contact them, please see the Education Cluster Unit section.

What is the Rapid Response Team (RRT)?

The Education Cluster Rapid Response Team is a group of education in emergencies experts who are rapidly deployable to support education coordination in humanitarian situations.

To meet the Rapid Response Team and learn more about what they do and how you can request support please see the Rapid Response Team section.

More questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.


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  1. Klaas Atsma says:

    Nice website!

  2. to be your partner here in ivory coast in africa

  3. Lisa Sabot-Schmid says:

    The Education Cluster has been deactivated in Ivory Coast. Please contact UNICEF to get in touch with the local education group.

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