Humanitarian-Development Nexus

Ensuring coordination mechanisms have the capacity to develop a response aligned with the humanitarian response and national education sector plans to allow for continuous, uninterrupted and sustainable education for children and youth affected by crisis is a priority for the Global Education Cluster. 

Bridging humanitarian and development responses has long been acknowledged as a way to advance resilience, reduce vulnerability, and promote human security. The Global Education Cluster has a significant role to play and is committed to fostering and promoting linkages both externally, but also within organizations.

At the country level, Education Clusters can strengthen the humanitarian-development nexus in various ways:

  • Engaging in joint needs assessment and planning
  • Aligning Education Cluster response with education sector plans
  • Integrating EiE into contingency planning
  • Encouraging local leadership of local authorities for education coordination
  • Capacity building of local partners and authorities


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