Global Annual Meetings

Global Education Cluster Strategic Meeting – September 2014

The Global Education Cluster (GEC) organised its annual meeting from 9 to 12 September in Istanbul to prepare the next GEC strategic plan. The meeting objectives were to:

  • provide space and a forum for exchange and learning on priority isses/topics, with a focus on developing consensus around the key strategic priorities for the GEC strategic plan during the next 4 years;
  • discuss the latest developments at the global level and outline their implications for Edcation Clusters and Cluster Partners;
  • serve as a feedback mechanism to help the GEC, regional stakeholders and Educaton Cluster Working group (ECWG) members to better focus and direct their support to the field.

The guiding principles were:

  • Throughout consideration was given as to where information would come from to guide priorities, how analysis and decision making would take place and the IM systems needed to support this.
  • For every priority identified, the role of the ECU, Country level Clusters, Cluster Lead Agencies (CLAs) and Partners would be reflected upon.


The meeting brought together over 50 participants, including Ministry of Education (MoE) representative from Mali, country level Education Cluster coordinators/IMOs/partners from Bangladesh, Jordan, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Somalia, South Sudan, South Turkey-Syria response, Sudan, and Yemen , UNICEF Regional Offices staff, ECWG  members, resource people, Rapid response Team (RRT) members and Education Cluster Unit (ECU). The participation of a substantial number of field staff was seen as a major contribution to the success of the consultation.

The participants discussed key priorities fo the next plan. The structured consultation provided the opportunity to participants to share ideas on the future role of the GEC, the services an products needed, and the best structure/governance model to meet the strategic objectives. Plenary sessions focussed on:

  • review of the current workplan
  • reflection from global partners on their role with the ECWG
  • progress in Education in Emergencies (EiE) and prioriritis in relation with the post-2015 agenda
  • Transformative Agenda (TA) new protocols
  • advocacy
  • expectations and challenges from the field

Parallel sessions were dedicated to:

  • cross-cutting issues (youth, gender, Early Chilhood Development ECD)
  • working in mixed settings (IDPS and refugees)
  • integration with other sectors
  • accountability to affected populations (AAP)

Istanbul market place_580wide

In a first market place, country clusters shared their successes, challenges and lessons learned. In a second market place, cluster partners presented innovations and ongoing projects.  Both allowed participants to present tools and initiatives both at country and global levels, exchange ideas, raise concern, ask questions, laugh or simply enjoy the conversation.

Download the meeting summary and full report. Documents and presentations related to the meeting are available online on Box. Resources are organized by day and by session.

Strategic Planning Follow Up Meeting – November 2014

On 11-12 November in Geneva, the Strategic Planning Reference Group, including representatives from Finn Church Aid, INEE Steering Group and Secretariat, Plan International, RET, Save the Children,  UNHCR and UNICEF, met with the Education Cluster Unit (ECU), two members of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) and the lead consultant to finalize the Global Education Cluster’s next Strategic Plan and start drafting the 2015-2016 workplan.

The Education Cluster’s new Strategic Plan will be for the 5-year period 2015-2019. It provides a framework and focus for the cluster’s work in four core services: coordination services for readiness (1); coordination services for activated clusters (2); coordination services for Education Cluster transition and de-activation (3); and global support services (4). Linked to the strategic plan, the Education Cluster will develop costed 2-year workplans on a rolling basis, with greater detail for the current year.

The strategic plan and the 2015-2016 workplan will be both finalized by the end of the year.

* Global Annual Meetings photographs credits: © Gøril Tomren and Lisa Sabot-Schmid / Save the Children



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