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Review of Localisation in Coordination in Somalia –Education Cluster

This report provides a summary of the observations, analyses and recommendations that were compiled by the Global CP AoR, Global Education Cluster and Somalia Education Cluster.

  • Coordination: Coordination, Knowledge Mangement, Leadership
  • Emergency: Conflict, Complex, Drought, Floods
  • Technical Areas: Localisation, Protection

Guide to Developing Education Cluster Strategies

The purpose of this Guide and accompanying Strategy Package is to provide practical, relevant guidance and resources to education in emergencies (EiE) coordination staff on how to develop and update an Education Cluster Strategy.

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Strategic Planning
  • Technical Areas: Accountability to Affected Populaiton, Localisation

Localisation in Coordination

"The World Humanitarian Summit recognised that increased localisation is fundamental to the delivery of a dignified and effective humanitarian response, concluding that humanitarian action should be “as local as possible, as international as necessary.” The associated Grand Bargain emphasized the…

  • Coordination: Coordination, Cluster Strategy, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Strategic Planning
  • Technical Areas: Localisation

Localisation Checklist

This checklist provides guidance for ensuring local organisations are deliberately and explicitly engaged throughout the Cluster Strategy document and development process. Local partnership is an essential element of any emergency response, and Strategy development is a key moment to draw on the…

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy
  • HPC: Strategic Planning
  • Technical Areas: Localisation

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